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Our company since its inception, has always adhere to the scientific concept of development, the technology research and development and personnel training as the company's development goals. I set up a special technical research and development department, has a highly educated and experienced technical innovation and strong R & D team. The company's existing senior engineer 6, four mid-level engineers, professional and technical personnel 10 people, average age 40 years old.


Companies focus on talent recruitment and training, research and development of long-term recruitment of technical personnel, and continuously enrich the research and development team, at the same time, the company's existing personnel will conduct regular professional training, the organization will arrange to learn from other companies, continue to enhance the professional R & D personnel knowledge and innovation.


The company also attaches great importance to the development of new products each year for research and development of new products have a very large investment, get great results, which won three patent certificate, also designed a variety of models suitable for a variety of high-quality ground drill. In new product development, the company based on technological development and market demand, strengthen exchanges and cooperation with domestic scientific research institutes, through the introduction of technology, joint development and other ways to make research results into productive forces as soon as possible, and create benefits for the enterprise

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